Are you using Twitter to practice Japanese?

Kiza_design FB Page

@Kiza_design FB Page

If not, you should be! A couple of days ago, I decided to join Twitter. Now, I have had a Twitter account for a while, and I have a few accounts, but none of them have been personal accounts. I manage the Twitter account for Oliver & Spence Creative Agency and the Twitter account for The*BroomCloset, but I never paid much attention to my own. My friends don’t use Twitter, so I didn’t have any reason to, until I saw Mira’s (Kanadajin3’s) YouTube video, “USE TWITTER TO LEARN JAPANESE”.

I had never thought of this! I’m always searching for fun, new ways to practice talking with people – apps, websites, penpal sign ups, etc. I can’t believe that this never once crossed my mind.

In Japan, Twitter is very popular. So popular, in fact, that I can’t even say that it’s the Facebook of Japan because that doesn’t even explain the magnitude of popularity Twitter has there! Since nearly everyone uses it at all times of the day, every day, it’s the perfect way practice and learn more Japanese!

Simply start by adding me – @Kiza_Design, or do as I did and add @Kanadajin3 or @SharlainJapan (another one of my fave YTers in Japan) and go down the profile pages adding anyone who is typing in Japanese – they’ll add you back. Trust me. Then, let the party begin!

Protip: If you’re using Fire Fox as your browser, download the Rikaichan add-on. This will give you quick access to all of the kanji that will pop up, as well as the kana spelling and English definition! Nothing’s better than a pop-up English-Japanese Dictionary!

Don’t use Fire Fox? Fret not! Simply copy and paste the Twitter update onto Google Translate! It may not be perfect, but it will give you a little understanding! If you want a more in-depth experience, I also recommend using for great translations!


PS: After adding a few new friends, I noticed that they use the phrase 「いえいえ!こちらこそフォロバしてくれてありがとね」Click here for a bit of Japanese Pop Convo that our books and programs won’t teach us!


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